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Brothers Sons Selves

Building the leadership of bois/boys and men of color to lead campaigns, shape public policy and address conditions of criminalization.

Mission Statement

The Brothers, Sons, Selves (BSS) coalition is an alliance of nine community-based organizations across Los Angeles and Long Beach. Our mission is to end the criminalization of young bois/boys and men of color by creating and influencing public policy that invests in young people and their future.

Action Research

BSS Survey


25% of youth we surveyed across L.A. County who were harmed by law enforcement identify as LGBTQ


40% of Black youth who took our survey said they had little to no access to Youth or Community Centers


90% of youth we surveyed want L.A. County to invest more resources into youth jobs and college prep resources

Campaign Pillars




Fund youthfutures.

🌹 IMPORTANT: Please write "BSS" in the notes section of the donation page. InnerCity Struggle is a 501c3 that is the fiscal lead for BSS Coalition.🌹

Take Action!

For The last decade, the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition has been working to develop the leadership of Black and Brown masculine of center youth to inform and steer campaigns and influence policy geared toward racial, economic, and educational justice. BSS empowers youth of color to build relationships rooted in trust and vulnerability in order to build safe communities where they can be they and all who come can be their true selves. We believe the change we inspire in one another is connected to the same change we seek to inspire in our communities. Your contribution will help build the next generation of youth leaders and support us in winning campaigns aimed at transforming our communities.

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