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Our Work

Youth Bill of Rights

The Youth Bill of Rights is informed by the needs, desires, and ideas of BSS youth leaders and their communities. This is our vision for justice, safety, and _ for youth of color across Los Angeles County.

Decriminalization Now!

Decriminalization Now! is focused on reducing and eliminating youth contact with the justice system and police and promoting alternatives to policing in our communities.

Key Demands

Reduce Policing

Eliminate contact between law enforcement and communities of color (i.e. traffic stops, youth arrests, etc)

Transformative Justice

Implementation of restorative/transformative justice frameworks in all youth serving entities

Reallocate Funds

Systematic reallocation of dollars marked for punishment, and reinvested into mental health support, professional development, and academic enrichment.

Fund Youth Futures

Fund Youth Futures seeks to increase investments in the livelihood of young people and their positive health outcomes. This includes increased investments in mental health, youth development, housing, jobs and employment, and divesting from harmful systems such as law enforcement and policing.

Key Demands

Youth Voice

Incorporate youth voice in budget decisions implicating them and their communities.

Youth Resources

Earmark funds to secure material resources for youth, including free public transportation, jobs, and technology

Youth Wellness

Prioritize funding for youth well-being, including funding for mental health, wellness, and job access

Peoples Education

The People’s Education, calls for policies and practices that seek to transform education in Los Angeles County. This includes changing curriculum, establishing youth as decision-makers, and ending inequities in access to resources.

Key Demands

Small Ratios

Smaller student-to-counselor, student-to-teacher, and student-to-nurse ratios to ensure more meaningful and regular access.

Centering BIPOC

Required coursework that includes more full and accurate portrayals of human history that centers the experiences and cultures of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

Funding Equity

Funding Equity for LA's highest needs schools

BSS Committees

Action Research

BSS youth leaders meet weekly for political education, to prepare for facilitations and speaking opportunities, and creatively use data from the BSS survey to tell their stories and advocate for their communities.

Movement Building & Outreach Committee

Guide consciousness raising and outreach efforts to organizations and the community.

Media & Comms

Craft and share BSS narratives, images, and amplify the work of BSS and partner organizations.